* About Us *

This site is devoted to helping all those interested in providing assistance to Boston Terriers in need.
  • The dedicated volunteers that work hard to find unfortunate BTs new homes.
  • The foster families that offer critical care in times of need.
  • The network of people watching for BTs at risk and taking action.
  • The unfortunate owner who may be forced to let a beloved BT find a new home.
The buttons on the left will take you to further assistance and information.
  • Home - the entry page and directory to your local groups.
  • About Us - this page, who we are and what's at this site.
  • The BT - will offer information on the Boston Terrier breed.
  • Adoption - will explain what it means to "adopt" a rescue BT.
  • Lost BTS - BTs reported missing that need to get back home.
  • FAQs - will try to answer common questions about BTs and rescue.
  • Links - will direct you to other resources for help and information.
You can get back to this start page at any time by clicking on the large paw in the upper left corner of every page.

We have just started and will be continuously evolving in response to identified needs. If you don't find the help you seek, send ideas and comments to BT RESCUE so we can improve the site. Bookmark us and return later in case we've grown to cover your area of need.

Thanks for visiting!